Ashwini's Sports Foundation

Ashwini’s Sports Foundation (ASF) was founded in 2010 by Ashwini Nachappa, one of India’s best known sprinters. An Asian Games medallist and having represented India at the 1984 Olympics, Ashwini realized the dire need to create a system that will nurture potential athletes consistently.

ASF, based in Coorg and sharing a 25-acre campus with KALS, a school that she and her husband run, is aiming to bridge the wide gap that exists in preparing our athletes to be world champions. ASF is focussing not just on athletics but also on hockey, once considered India’s national sport. ASF aims to create a system in both these sport that will not leave the harnessing of the full potential of an athlete to chance.


Featured athlete

Dheeraj M V

18 years
Event: 100m & 200m


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